Business Support Services

Business support is extremely essential in the present scenario of high tax pressure and competition survival. Businesses can only move ahead in their success trajectory if they focus more on developing growth strategies and are less distracted from other external and internal issues. That is where we come into picture.

We assist to plan an efficient business structure for you to enhance Corporate Governance quality in your organization. Our methods are scientific; we conduct a techno-commercial feasibility study to develop a viable business plan. We thoroughly understand the equation of ‘Profit=Revenue-Cost’, and we provide complete assistance to help you maximize your revenues and minimize your costs.

With us, you need not worry about registrations and approvals. We communicate with the Government and other necessary departments to attain all the necessary approvals and registration formalities required for a new business start-up.

Our experienced practitioners assist you in maximization the utilization of your available resources. We help you turn your ‘business decisions’ to ‘strategic business decisions’ for a better impact on the growth and success of your organization. Right from offering different Advisory services under the Companies Act, 1956 to secretarial assistance, we provide complete business support service solution.

We understand the importance of outsourcing services for a newly set-up business as well as an existing organization operating within a limited area. To cater to the needs of such businesses, we offer outsourcing services to cater to different needs of a client. This helps the management unlock time for better establishment of their business beyond the national boundary.

We understand the timely requirement of reliable and relevant support inputs. Hence, we have designed our support services accordingly to cater to complete set of support service needs of every business. All our business support services are in compliance under FEMA/RBI rules.

  • Business Structure Planning
  • Techno-Commercial Feasibility Viability Study
  • Liasioning with the Govt. & other departments for new business set-up for getting registrations and approvals
  • Services for maximizing the utilization of resources
  • Assisting in taking strategical decisions
  • Compliances under FEMA/RBI Rules
  • Outsourcing services to fulfill the client’s needs